Neil Thomson

In his consultancy career over the past 20 years Neil has gained a formidable level of expertise helping major organisations in the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, Middle and Far East, and Africa to improve their organisational effectiveness.  Neil now focuses on two particular areas of work – senior executive assessment development and coaching, and organisational development. 

Neil is an expert on assessment methods, people development systems and processes, and managing structural change within organisations. Over the past decade he has worked on the design and delivery of a wide range of executive development and coaching programmes, from worldwide leadership development initiatives to individual coaching of senior executives.  In parallel with his work on executive coaching Neil works on major change programmes with the UK Police Service, including the restructuring of national counter-terrorism capability following the London attacks of 7/7, and the development of the UK national cybercrime strategy. 

As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist Neil started his career as an internal consultant with BT, where he was involved in redesigning and developing many of the organisation’s HR processes over a period of 8 years.  Neil went on to join SHL Group plc, where he became a Practice Leader, responsible for leading complex projects in the full range of client organisations, from charities to banks, public sector organisations to luxury hotel groups, pharmaceutical conglomerates and global electronics manufacturers. 

Neil joined the Associate Faculty of Cranfield Business School in 2007, and is an Expert Advisor on leadership assessment for the Department of Education.  He holds an MA(Hons) in Psychology from Aberdeen University and an MSc in Industrial Psychology from Hull University.

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