Anne Owen BSc MSc Dip Exec Coaching

Anne has 25 years’ experience in supporting individuals, senior teams and organisations to make change that sticks.  She works in a broad, systems-informed way, believing that we need to understand our context in order to make wise decisions about next steps. From a starting point of business need, her work integrates the cognitive, behavioural and emotional to create change. Anne uses a potent combination of clear thinking, directness and strong empathy; and is particularly adept at helping leaders to weave together and make sense of the strategic, task and relationship requirements of their roles. They can then turn this insight into actions that align others’ efforts and create followership, being fully mindful of their own values, purpose and integrity in the process.

She coaches individuals and leadership teams as well running group-based development programmes and large-scale conferences. She is particularly skilled at learning design and facilitation.

 Anne started her own business in 2012 and her clients are mainly in the automotive, oil and mining and professional services industries.. A  Partner at sheppardmoscow ltd for 20 years, se designed and ran Executive leadership development programmes in Ford Motor Company, Volvo Cars, Astra Zeneca, IBM and the World Bank. Some of her development programmes have been award-winning for their quality of design and organisation impact and Anne has a strong reputation for coaching executives whose careers are in danger of de-railing.

Having gained 2 degrees in Organisational Psychology, Anne worked as an Occupational psychologist in the Civil Service for 8 years, reaching the Principal Psychologist grade in the Cabinet Office. She completed her Diploma in Executive Coaching in 2008. She is a fluent Welsh-speaker.

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