About us:

bryn-davies-left.jpgDr Bryn Davies

Bryn's specialist expertise lies in the practical application of business psychology to enhance individual, team and organisational performance. He has coached CEO's and senior executives of global businesses in the UK, USA and Middle East, and advised top leadership teams in the strategic deployment and development of their people. Click here for more.



simon.jpgSimon Watkins

Originally from a Human Resources background, Simon's consulting career has ranged widely over 15 years.  Immersed in the human capital and talent implications of significant organisational change programmes, he has led projects on performance management, executive assessment and development, leadership development and succession planning. He works widely with individual leaders, leadership teams, and as an executive coach. Click here for more.



vic.jpgVic Henderson Agutter

Vic is a chartered occupational psychologist with a passion for bringing psychology to life in the workplace. Her primary areas of expertise are selection, assessment, coaching, management and leadership development and psychometrics. Vic has worked for leading consultancies as well as operating as an internal HR/OD/L&D consultant for AVIVA. Click here for more.



clare2.jpgClare Amos

Clare Amos is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, with over fifteen years consultancy experience. Clare’s expertise lies in the area of applying business psychology, which incorporates; assessment & development, executive coaching, the design and implementation of change initiatives, accelerated learning, leadership development, performance management, succession planning and organisational design. Click here for more.


colin.jpgColin Barnes

Colin has over 20 years of experience of applying business psychology in Organisational, Leadership, Coaching and Communications settings, as programme manager, practitioner, consultant and trainer. He has in-depth expertise of Assessment and Development methodologies and has designed, led and co-ordinated all aspects of leadership skills development programmes in the UK and globally, frequently as client account manager. Click here for more.


patrick.jpgPatrick Gibbons


Patrick is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with extensive experience in the field.  His main areas of expertise and experience are: Change Management; Organisation Development; Assessment, Recruitment, Psychometrics and Selection; Training and Development; Coaching and Leadership Development; Executive Assessment and Profiling; 360 Degree Feedback; Team Building; and Job Analysis and Competency Profiling. Click here for more.


neil.jpgNeil Thomson


In his consultancy career over the past 20 years Neil has gained a formidable level of expertise helping major organisations in the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, Middle and Far East, and Africa to improve their organisational effectiveness.  Neil now focuses on two particular areas of work – senior executive assessment development and coaching, and organisational developmentClick here for more.



anne.jpgAnne Owen

Anne has 25 years’ experience in supporting individuals, senior teams and organisations to make change that sticks.  She works in a broad, systems-informed way, believing that we need to understand our context in order to make wise decisions about next steps. From a starting point of business need, her work integrates the cognitive, behavioural and emotional to create change. Anne uses a potent combination of clear thinking, directness and strong empathy; and is particularly adept at helping leaders to weave together and make sense of the strategic, task and relationship requirements of their roles. They can then turn this insight into actions that align others’ efforts and create followership, being fully mindful of their own values, purpose and integrity in the process.  Click here for more.



sue.jpgSue Mandiwall

Sue is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with 16 years consultancy experience working as both an internal and external HR specialist in the areas of individual and organisational Assessment and Development, Performance Management and Leadership Coaching. The majority of her work is with senior level and high potential managers and she has worked on national and international projects with clients such as BT, BBC, AOL, e2v, Pizza Express, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Zurich, Sony Entertainment, and TMP Worldwide.  Click here for more.



mark.jpgMark Wilcox

Mark has worked for some of the world’s best and biggest companies, and was until late 2005 the Director of People & Organisational Development at Sony Europe based in the Headquarters in Berlin. There he was responsible for the European Talent Management Strategy and in supporting European wide organisational change. He also gained 20 years experience with Nestle.  Click here for more.




karen.jpgDr Karen Janman

Karen gained a first class degree in Psychology from Exeter University, and a doctorate in Organisational Psychology at Oxford University.  She was awarded a ‘young blood lectureship’ at the age of 25 at University College London. Karen is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychology Society and a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. She is BPS Level A and Level B trained and is registered to use a wide range of psychometric assessment and development instruments including OPQ, Wave, MBTI, TalentQ, Hogan etc.   Click here for more.


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