Developing expertise in experts

One global banking organisation needed to increase the value of its Human Resources team to the business whilst at the same time increasing cost effectiveness. This was not about tinkering around the edges, but a fundamental shift in the operating methods of the entire team of HR professionals.

Bryn, after rigorous consultation with the business, created a process for the selection and development of a new and more dynamic HR team. Involving the top management team Bryn created a means of finding the talented people from within, creating the new model of strategic business partner and then continued to build and develop their expertise. In short creating a new level of capability and enabling them to become both effective and highly credible with the business. Developing expertise in Human Resources professional is something that can and does create lasting value to organisations.

RedThread has the credibility to deliver additional expertise to existing experts in your organisation.


  • Top team development
  • Selecting talent
  • Expertise assessment processes