Finding Engineers with heart


One of the leading aviation manufacturers specialising in small business jets wanted to set up a new service facility in Schipol, one of the busiest airports in Europe.

  When clients spend millions of their personal wealth or invest corporate funds into a luxury business jet they want to ensure that it’s serviced to the highest possible standards.  In this market owners do not select a provider on price, but on the high expectation they have for customer service and excellence.

We designed a two part assessment process to select the right applicants from a bank of highly qualified aircraft technicians.  All applicants had the right qualifications to do the job. What RedThread found were the ones with the right customer interaction skills to do the role superbly.

We designed a process that combined a sophisticated work simulation, to explore exactly how they would react to a client, and a highly structured interview process to determine their motivation to join a small but demanding new venture.  The client was very impressed with the outcome, and the applicants impressed with the clients clear commitment to hiring only the very best staff. 


  • Top team development
  • Selecting talent
  • Expertise assessment processes