Case studies:

Transforming online fashion - A French fashion retailer wanted to change the way they sold and transform their business into an online fashion giant. Changing the people was more important than changing the programming.. read more

Leading Top Team Development - A European top team in major brand electronics giant, needed to gain real commitment to a new and dramatically different operating strategy... read more

Better Selection of Talent - In a business where the local management of their properties is often the critical factor in business success, getting the right talents in the right place is the big issue... read more

Developing expertise in experts - One global banking organisation needed to increase the value of its Human Resources team to the business whilst at the same time increasing cost effectiveness... read more

Finding Engineers with heart - Bombardier Aviation wanted to find top quality engineers for their new service facility in Europe. Engineering standards needed to be exemplary but so did the technicians understanding of customers and interpersonal skills. RedThread designed an innovative way to find out... read more

  • Top team development
  • Selecting talent
  • Expertise assessment processes